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To eat an entire sleeve of cookies, preferably girl scout cookies.
"That fat guy has crumbs all over his face. He must have been sleeving."
by flavanugz April 01, 2009
To place one's hands and forearms up the sleeves of the opposite arms of a garment that one is wearing, so as to appear that one is wearing a muff.
I left my muff at home and therefore had to resort to sleeving to keep my hands warm.
by Damaxster September 20, 2006
When one man inserts his penis full-length into that of another. Not to be confused with docking, which only involves the foreskin.
Steve hasn't pissed right since he and carl got into sleeving.
by sooner sideshow bob July 09, 2010
to live in someone's house and pay them with sexual favors in lieu of rent.
Cindy was sleeving at Rob's place for almost two years.
by smankre December 01, 2006
The act of killing a squirel or other small animal. wile still warm, skining it and mastrabating with the warm fresh skin wile grasping the animals hide.
"he is sleeving that squirel for his own pleasure".
by 425(LRS) May 22, 2009
to rub the vagina vigorously
"if i sleeve you, you will cum"
"i like sleeving janet"
"that boy was sleeving her alllll night long"
by renski & panda March 06, 2006
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