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While a person is asleep, you ejaculate into their nose.
Yo, I gave my roomate a sleeping dragon last night. It was hilarious.
by nm February 06, 2004
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A single, long turd that is just barely visible in the bottom of the toliet. The turd is left for discovery by the next user of the device. Like a dragon in its cave...
I discovered a big sleeping dragon in the toliet this morning after my roomate left.
by The Sarge November 13, 2003
A penis that, when limp, is embarassingly small, but when erect, is of suitable or better size.
Yeah, laugh all you want now ladies, come to my place and I'll show you it's a sleeping dragon.
by Madcat221 August 23, 2008
When a person lights a fart on fire over someones nose while there sleeping.
Attempt the Sleeping Dragon when the time is right
by Fun Times in South Africa January 19, 2010

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