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The term was originally coined by me in #jj2 during a late night of hilarity. The concept is simple.

Baked, of course, means you are high, which may entail laughing for absolutely no reason at all. Sleepbaked (or sleep baked) is simply being baked from having hardly any sleep, or from being up late when you would be sleeping.
Most practice fields don't bleed.
by Spaztic December 28, 2003
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What Spaztic gets everyone on boring nights in the IRC server, Quakenet, on the channel #jj2. Usually, sex-related, perverted, mindless, or about cheese and ham. Anything random that will destroy your brain.
by [GpW]NinjA August 06, 2003
See sleepbaked.
Do you feel ENJOY ? sorry for disturb
by Spaztic December 28, 2003

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