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The headache you get when you sleep for too long.
John had a massive sleep-hangover from the 14 hours of sleep he caught last night.
by laurenelizabeth September 22, 2007
A sleep hangover occurs when someone sleeps too long or too late in the day that they get similar effects as a hangover.
Dan - Dude i just slept till 3:00 and i feel like shit.

Dave - You got a sleep hangover motha fucka!
by conconk August 14, 2011
The headache and discomfort that is felt after having too much sleep.
Ugh, I took a a 2-hour nap and I slept the 12 hours straight the night before, I am totally experiencing a sleephangover.

Eddie: My head hella hurts. What time is it?

Jane: It's 3PM!

Eddie: What?! I just slept for 14 hours straight.

Jane: You have a sleephangover.
by mischief81 July 24, 2010
The feeling of extreme tiredness after waking from a good night's sleep.
Terrence: I say old chap, you're looking rather fatigued this morning, as opposed to your usual invigorated self, despite a lengthy period in your bed chamber.

Reginald: Ah your assessment of my personal appearance is fraudulent my good sir, for one is simply experiencing a sleep hangover.

Terrence: Splendid!
by TalibanSam August 29, 2011
When you get a good nights sleep, waking up is the equivelant is that of a hangover.
"Did you see that college girl?"
"Yeah what about her"
"She looks like she has a sleep hangover."
by rugbygirl15 October 30, 2011
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