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that very odd time when you're under the influence of sleep, but you're still awake.
Almost nothing can be said about what goes on when we're sleep high. It's mostly stupid random acts of vandalism and strange videos...
by this one girl January 19, 2007
that moment late at night when you cant sleep and all you do is do stupid things.
Girl: Lalalala lala la la lalala.
Boy: what is wrong with you?
Girl:I dont know I cant sleep.
Boy: oh, so your sleep high.
by breezy8111 May 25, 2012
When someone wakes you up in the middle of your sleep, and you mumble and say random stuff.
Guy 1: How were your three gay experiences?

Guy 2: How do you know about that?

Guy 1: You told me when you were sleep high.
by halfbrown March 01, 2011
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