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A sledhead is crazed, out of their mind snowmobiler who loves powder, and breaking trail through five feet of snow. sledheads can be found all over, most prominant in the snowy regions of the west.
Look at them sledheads rippin it up on the mountain! Man, I wish I were them.
by gnarpow$ May 11, 2010
A snowmobiler, from the word gearhead but for snowmobilers
Them fricking sledheads with there loud machines!!!
by Harold Jr May 17, 2004
The act of giving someone oral sex while participating in the activity of sledding. Common in northern areas with constant snow.
Sam: Hey Tori, how was sledding?
Tori: It was good, why?
Sam: Oh nothing, just heard you and Connor had a good time, thats all.
Tori: What is that supposed to mean?
Sam: Theres a rumor that you gave him sled head.
Tori: Damn straight I did.
by waka mcwakanson March 02, 2011
When you are sledding in Alaska, you receive oral sex from

an eskimo.
I got this awesome sledhead from this eskimo chick

by kmoney211 December 29, 2006
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