The act of having sex with a fat/ugly/non-attractive woman.
I got too drunk last night. I found some fatty boom-boom. One thing led to another; I decided to slay the Dragon.
by Chris. A. H. November 30, 2006
Top Definition
A euphemism for male masturbation.
I think I'm gonna head home early and slay the dragon.
by jallen69 February 03, 2009
Having sex with a girl on her period.

When your done you look down at your cock and it looks like you just won an epic battle between you and your bloody mistress.
Sara told her man she wasn't sure if they should be having sex that night since she was on her period. He told her he's up to Slay The Dragon ;)
by The_Sex_Addict February 26, 2011
The act of an individual or entire team doing well in a Speech & Debate tournement.
"Slay The Dragon you guys! Do great today!"
by brendanp93 January 26, 2010
Engaging in sexual conduct with the ugliest girl (dragon) of a group of women. Pairing off almost naturally occurs for the beautiful woman but nobody is willing to claim the dragon. Generally though has more pervesion and more willing to put out over the more attractive specimens. Is known to lick your butthole, in which case you are told to marry her. Also known as taking one for the team.
Beve: What chicks are we boning tonight?
Parker: Ashley, Whitney, and Cierra
Dallen: I call Cierra!
Parker: Heck no man, your gonna slay the dragon tonight! You get Whitney haha.
Beve: Thats what I'm talkin about! She'll lick your butthole!
by Mike Hunts Softball Team June 25, 2011
To masturbate
Friend 1: how did your date go?
Friend 2: horrible. She stood me up so I went home and had to slay the dragon using my tears as lube
by Mr. JayBee June 26, 2012
Unclog a shit from a toilet by reaching in and pulling it out with one's bare hand.
Dude, I dropped a monster deuce in the dunny and had to slay the dragon.
by mcjohnnyp July 10, 2008
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