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honor, glory, courage
slava usually used as a greating but does not mean hello
by packman121 July 10, 2008
A hot, straight, sexy guy, usually a European man. Is usally said when in shock upon seeing such a person.
Upon seeing an attractive guy people, usually women say slava!
Most commonly said in Eastern Europe, but people understand all around Europe and around the world where there are any European people. This could also be a name given to people when they possess such characteristics.
by Bartik Zuob June 30, 2006
a dessert syrup originating from russia, ingredients are molasses, brown sugar, cocoa and ginger.
Grandma's slava is sooooo good, I usually put it on my ice cream.
by allymoe12 June 06, 2011
pronounced "sley-vuh"
Slang, Noun
A new term coined by Stephen Colbert, in order to strip the word slavery, of it's hateful meaning.

Every time Southerners try to celebrate Confederate heritage, Yankees ruin it by mentioning the s-word (slavery). People in the south are taking the s-word back, hence the term slava.
Used in a sentence.

All my slava's in the house say, hey!; What's up my slava?; Damn slava that's a nice car.
by Skumdog November 28, 2010
A horrendously ugly Russian person who is necessarily sexually frustrated at all times.
"I use my own brand of hair gel" said Slava in a comely fashion.

"Pens shouldn't just be used for writing," inserted Slava anally.
by Harrietta September 28, 2007
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