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verb-to homoerotically spank someone with a paddle, whip, or other device.
James was slasked repeatedly after he joined the fraternity at USC.
by DestroyerH January 28, 2009
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an extremely multi-functional verb which describes the act of putting your money to use by playing poker with the intention of winning. To slask often simply means to play poker with real money. In a poker game where everyone at the table think it's more important how much more money that could be won if they participate in the hand than thinking about playing good, solid poker and recognize that they are calling to much preflop, can be called a slasky game or a slasky table. A slasky opponent could also be one who is having such a large bank roll for the specific cash game level that he thinks that his marginal plays will be profitable as he only needs to rebuy until he wins his opponents stack. The slaskiest tournaments are of course re-buy tournaments with add-ons.
"Phil has been slasking a lot in the high stakes cash games recently after winning that big online tournament."

"I felt that the players in that casino were just too slasky and therefore I can never raise preflop without having to see getting nonchalantly called by so many fishes behind since they don't respect anyone who raises."

"I knew that I wasn't in horrible shape against my opponents range since he was such a slasky player and he could be floating with anything just to see what I have."

"I've been hearing that after the government shut down the site for the US players, all of the regs are gone and therefore only fishes remain so I think it's time for me to slask on that site for some time now."

"I thought of rebuying and I ultimately did rebuy since I thought it was a good slask value at that table".
by ChewyBacon July 28, 2011

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