when you put a line through a tag or piece u think looks like dogshit/ or u hate them personally coz they stole ur drugs, beat u up etc to signify you hate them and their graff.
i slashed that tag coz its toy
by McGee May 11, 2004
Generally, when someone does or says something unbelievably stupid/lame, "slash" is said to convey the feeling of "you're stupid."
*listening to Linkin Park in art class*
*art teacher comes and turns it off*
*chorus of groans from the class*
Teacher: "Some people can't work with RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!"
Students: "Slash."
by Leighanna March 03, 2004
A mediocre guitarist, who attained popularity in the god-awful rock band Guns n' Roses. He's known for his long, curly black hair, his Les Paul guitar, a top hat, and a cigarette permanently drooping out of the corner of his mouth.
Jesus, people! He can play a goddamn scale! If you want an actual guitar god, see Jimmy Page. Slash is just a big wanker.
by your Lord and Savior August 26, 2007
when someone says something terribly stupid or something you dont agree with. sometimes used in a sarcastic tone. When saying it move your hand to make it slash the air
bob: hey, want to go to the movies with me tonigh sally?
sally: YEAH
bob: really?
sally: haha SLASH
by skanymcmofo October 30, 2003
another way of saying no in a harsh way
Tommy:Your going to the circus tonight right?
Me:Slash, I'm not 3yr. old anymore.
by bodacious cutie June 25, 2005
The worst kind of sleazy, unimaginative tripe in the fanfiction world, in which two males, usually canon characters, participate in homosexual activity atypical to how they're depicted in the official franchise.
Every single slash fanfiction is a disgrace to the franchise it's based off of.

And I mean every. Single. One.
by little geek June 29, 2005
an adjective applied to anyone who sucks at guitar
you can't play for shit you slash!
by Tommy Chong is a guitar god January 14, 2005
the most overrated guitar player in the world. Any band with slash as the guitarist is sure to get recongnized. If you put slash with n'sync, metalheads across the globe would pay to see n'sync.
Hi, Im slash the most overated guitar player in the world
by Jeremy Dehart December 10, 2004

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