A great pornagraphic experience.
That Jenna Jammison video was certainly slaptastic.
by amra July 09, 2006
Top Definition
Tooting one's on horn esspecially one's sexual prowess and/or ability to repopulate the world.
I will not dignify the above question with a response... mainly because I don’t have a very good one. Besides I like CrazyWolf. It lets people see the inner me. The artist... if you will. The visionary, the entertainer, the personality, and the raw and undeniable sex appeal.

"That was pretty Slaptastic."
by BahFur March 19, 2007
When someone does something that is either so cool or so dumb that an uncontrollable urge arises and you smack them.
Evan: "Man, I'm going to throw this pudding at the principal."

Mitch: *Slaps Evan*

Joe: "Evan, that was slap-tastically dumb."
by Riverboy March 17, 2006
Good, as opposed to bad.
Trackstar's new album is hella slaptastic.
by To' October 21, 2006
Slaptastic: - after you have recieved/given a slap
That was slaptastic!" or "I just got slaptasticated T_T
by Cyther8897 February 25, 2011
Nice, Graceful
that fall was slaptastic
by Spaztastic Derek February 07, 2004
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