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To be so ugly and undesirable that even the prison population wouldn't engage you in sodomy.
Dude is so ugly he gets a shawshank exemption.
by amra July 09, 2006
Any object, thought or activity that inspires the need to "know onesself"
Anna in that plaid skirt was definitely whackworthy.
by amra July 09, 2006
A great pornagraphic experience.
That Jenna Jammison video was certainly slaptastic.
by amra July 09, 2006
The result of an amorous encounter with a cousin.
I made some belly chowder to avoid getting in trouble with Uncle Reese.
by amra July 09, 2006
The act of engaging a woman with loose and hanging vulva in coitus.
I was looking for Ms. Right but I found a pound puppy instead.
by amra July 09, 2006

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