one who decides to copy off of another in time such as but not limited to; clothing, shoes, shirts, bands, music, personality. most likely, this person pulls off the act wrong and looks worse than they originally did. This person also lies about his past.
"whoa! last week, that kid was into the beatle. Now i see him shopping where I shop and buying the same clothes as I. He even listens to the same exact bands as i do! What a slappy."
by chris richards November 11, 2007
The original land creature, it has short little body and can be seen in elves. The primary reason for normal size racism.
Slappy just beached up again.
Slappy can't get back in the water because it body is to small.
Slappy created a mud cathedral, its all good.
by ftlqed January 19, 2011
An overly promiscuous girl
A slappy can be any female that has sex frequently and shamelessly
by Psycho D November 27, 2009
To be tell an utterly pointless, boring and often stupid story.
Tom "Do you remember that one time when I won a cheeseburger and then you went up and got it?"
Vince "Yeah, ok Slappy"
by vinnyg December 03, 2007
When you are really tired/hyper and you will laugh at just about anything. Named after the knee slapping laugh. A person who is "slappy" will slap their knees laughing over any joke, good, bad, or ugly.
Wow! that joke was really lame! Why is she laughing so hard?

It's because she's slappy tonight
by l-go January 24, 2011
Adjective- When a person (boy or girl) is always wanting to have sex or masturbate, basically a major sex addict, they are slappy.
That chick will do anything you want. She is really slappy.
by assymcgee900 May 20, 2010
sick or fly clothing. Usually worn by the residents of Apple ghettos
"Hey man, look at my new slappies!"
"Wow bra, dos is some sick slappies!!"
by Kleetis III May 28, 2009

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