when you are boning your girl doggy style and your balls slap her ass
My balls got sore doing slap ass.
by The Informant August 16, 2003
Top Definition
slap ass n.:

A person who is careless, hasty, and unintelligent.

"I knew I could not count on that slap ass."
by flurbury September 07, 2007
In reference to baseball, to give the Slap Ass, one must lower the arm to waist height with the forearm slightly elevated. On the approach of another teammate from behind, the wrist is bent back slightly and a quick tap is given on the ass.

This act of sportsmanship and encouragement is given following either a good play, a play that was ruined, or for just plain pep.

The slap ass is limited too, but does not exclude, coaches of other sports, as well as other sports players.

NOTE: This is the ONLY instance in which another male may slap another male's ass, and not be considered gay by fellow teammates. On-lookers, fans, and friends are not subject to this requirement, and thus may consider you gay.
Friend 1: Man, did you just see that awesome web gem?
Friend 2: Yeah, he even got a slap ass afterwards.

Onlooker 1: Did you just see that guy give a slap ass to the other guy? I think they may be gay.
Onlooker 2: No, they aren't. They play baseball.
Onlooker 1: Ohhhhh.
by StevieE May 09, 2007
Someone who is a jerk or mean person. One that people do not like.
"Don't invite him, he's such a slapass!"
by Dredz thee assassiin August 30, 2009
A guy who was born to catch pop flys and say slap ass every single time he slaps ass!
Hey nice dingger Slap Ass
by LP Dynasty October 12, 2014
An extremely stupid or foolish person. see slapnut.
"Osama bin Laden is a dumb slapass."
by Omni November 13, 2003
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