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Dope ass crew from the NY. Prodigy and Havoc. They had a beef with Pac, something no one can handle. Pac fucked their little young asses up.

Mobb Deep made "Shook Ones" and "Quiet Storm", two of the scariest instrumentals ever. Listen to both those songs in the dark and you will fear for your life.
Ain't no party once we crash the party
im' a squeeze shorty and vacate theparty
you keep grillin', i'll pump pump the shotty
put you in a trunk & dump dump the body
nigga you dont know? you betta ask somebody
by Fantasticababo October 12, 2004
a really juicy woman who wont spread her legs for you, but is willing to suck this skin off your balls and cock.
Oh, fuck me slap ass!
by Fantasticababo October 12, 2004
A song released in 1994 by a rapper named Jeru the Damaja. This song has one of the greatest beats ever composed for rap music. The beat has which has been widely compared to dripping water and hammers banging on pipes. That, and a scratch of Onyx screaming "Uh-oh! HEADS UP cause we're dropping some shit" It was also laced with tight lyrics by Jeru, a great song on a great album.
One of the greatest rap instrumentals of all time.
by Fantasticababo October 12, 2004
when you take a runny shit in a cake pan and let it sit over night you get "brownies"
Plop. The shit just hit the fan.

No it hit the pan, dogg. We havin brownies tonight!
by Fantasticababo October 12, 2004
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