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Slangbanging: When you and your friends are so down with the urbandictionary that your pimped it out so free and concise that you are true representin' the Urban Slang Language and no body around you can understand what your saying; it's over thier head, but to you & your friends it's natural and usual.

Chinesebanging: when a group of chinese people are around you and they are all talking chinese and laughing and it's over YOUR head. so etc... japbanging.

Driritive word: Langbanging
The kinko's in the hall were blistered cause we were slangbanging and freestyling the urban over their head, they were crained ( overloaded in thier brain). Let's just keep writing and reading the urbandictionary, dawgs.

Hey, guys, we're in the mall; lets go slangbanging through the hangs and see if anyone is urban elite.
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