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Irish word for Goodbye, but used in English sentences in Ireland...
by Cully April 01, 2003
from the Gaelic: slan awaillia (sp?) meaning safe return from your journey or safe journey. or goodbye.
Someone leaves the Irish pub after a pint. Friends call out, "Slan!"
My meanings: "don't fall into a ditch," "don't drive under the influence," or "take care," or "goodbye, friend."
by Dayla February 22, 2004
A combination of a LAN (local area network) party and slalom skiing, based on pure awesomeness that often lasts from 2 to 4 days.
Want to come to the slan tomorrow?
- Yeah, it's going to be awesome with both slalom skiing and LAN party.
by Mhoy February 19, 2012
A man slut
Girl one- Aww i like troy
Girl two- Hes such a slan
by XxLiebexX December 04, 2008
Slan is a fictional character from the manga, Berserk. She one of the five God Hands, and a sexy succbus as well.
"Humans are such strange creatures"
by Suijen May 29, 2005
To make sweet, sweet love to ironing boards
Son: "Oh fuck, I'm dying for a slan"
Dad(who overhears): "..."
by Zoobyzaretta May 02, 2006