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A straight up slut, used souley for smashing on.
Hey see that drunk skank over there hanging on Rick, I know at least six guys that have banged her, she's a real filthy slam pig.
by Jimboshamb January 31, 2009
A girl that has hooked up with three or more of your close friends.
That slampig has already hooked up with John and Ryan, and now she's with Chris, too!
by Douglas B. June 03, 2005
-a slut that fucks all guys. (most guys are disgusted though)
-usually attention seeking, very fake and whorey
-usually slam pigs are young
-all guys that fuck her, won't admit it after cause they're embarrassed
- gets it up the ass too
- probably has tons of diseases

slam pigs names usually are sam sessler.
Dude, Sam Sessler fucked another guy last night. She's the biggest slam pig!
by bassnanajuice May 28, 2011
A newly encountered woman that says one of the following things before engaging in sexual acts she is CLEARY well practiced in... "I usually don't do things like this," "I don't want you to think less of me in the morning," "I'm really not that type of girl."
I thought I left with Nikki but she turned out to be Paris. What a Slam Pig.
by cheffinatly February 05, 2010
A large female who pigs out on Denny's every night. This action normally occurs between the hours of 11 o'clock pm and 4 o'clock am.
Jesus! Look at that girl! ..she must be a slampig she's disgusting!
by chicamow69 September 15, 2011
A real low down dirty girl.
Hey, there's that slam pig Riiyna that works @ the local bar and bangs every dude with drugs, alcohol or a sick moment of desperation."
by GGUY213 April 08, 2010
A girl that cheats on her boyfriend multiple times. Her vag is as wide as a sharks mouth. She usually cheats on her boyfriend for dudes in yellow pants. A slut, whore, cheater.
Brianna is such a Slam Pig, i should have dumped her.
by ForSteve October 23, 2009