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A highly unattractive or repulsive female who you would only have sex with if highly intoxicated or high off a particular drug.
Tim was so drunk last night he they had sex with the fattest slam-pig at the party.

Tom drank so many cosmopolitans that he began sucking face with the 400 pound slam-pig at the bar.
by Mark December 09, 2004
90 76
slam-pig noun
A woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually characterized by her finding great pleasure in being fucked roughly or ‘slammed’. The reference to the word ‘pig’ in this term is often mistaken as meaning that the woman is overweight, but it actually refers to the glutinous nature in which she engages in sex and often hints at her eagerness to swallow seminal fluid.
"Hey, can you move your bed away from the wall the next time Evie comes over? The wall was shaking so hard I though my bookshelf would fall over."

"Sorry about that. I tried to slow things down, but she's a real slam pig."
by Don Alphonse January 16, 2014
9 0
Ugly Slut; Whore; girl who is ugly but is a last resort booty call.
I was so drunk last night that i fucked that slam pig
by mmass016 November 12, 2007
53 45
Someone that gets slammed on a regular basis.
Kara Hamm is such a slam pig. We should all call her Kara Slam from now on.
by xdevinx January 31, 2006
155 147
typical del val whore, loves to banged and get double teamed. Next Stage is a slam boar.
Ex. Dan Schor fucked a Slampig last weekend.
by Neezy Baby January 20, 2009
30 24
There are 4 Principles to being a SlamPig – In order of importance to the definition

1. Overweight to the point of having Fat Roll’s (plural)
2. Easy (slut) to the point of selling herself for cheap goods, or free just because no one will trade anything
3. Having the reputation of No One admitting to, but everyone knowing who slept with them
4. Being used and discarded as easily as a mans Jizz Rag, Get what you want and leave it where it was used on the floor where it belongs
EX. a Slampig agrees to give oral for a 20 bag of weed, after the transactions takes place she asks for her payment for keeping her end of the agreement. She is told to fuck off, and then gets pissed and attacks, and the so called male at this point maces her in the face and leaves her on the ground screaming while a group of “friends” laugh at her in great enjoyment.
by Tonka Love March 21, 2006
62 57
Big fat ugly whore who thinks she is the hottest shit to ever touch the face of the Earth. In reality the only people who fuck her are drunk college kids who need an easy fuck at a party, or basically anybody desperate enough to fuck something so fat, so ugly, and so used up.
Dude, I can't believe Steve fucked that Slam Pig!" "I know man, but he was wicked drunk, he probably would've fucked your mother if it was his only option." "Fuck you man, she's dead!" "EXACTLY!
by Big Red36 November 19, 2010
17 14