A fat whore who could be half way decent looking, if she didn't get porked by every man in sight.

A prostitute who is morbidly obiece, but a man will still be willing to pay 50 bucks for a job from her extra padded extremities.

The fattest and ugliest girl who hangs out in a group of girls at least 4 in number, and has to have boat loads of sex to feel adequate.

The last resort for a horny male at a frat party.
Dude Britney Spears is the such a slampig, maybe if she didn't get romped by every guy she would be do-able.

Man 1: Did you hear BONO paid 75$ to get a hand-job from the fat prostitute?
Man 2: No way did he slam her pig?
Man 1: Ya dude she was a dirty rotten slampig.

Guy 1: Hey man you see that group of girls over there?
Guy 2: The one with the ugly ass fat chick?
Guy 1: Yea she is a slampig in a group of babes.

Dude 1: Dude we were so drunk last night, I can't believe Shawn setteled for that fat bitch.
Dude 2: Ya im pretty sure she was 100% slampig, quite even possible that she was born one.
by tomatobrownclown123 January 08, 2010
A pig that can slam dunk a basketball.
I've got 3 slam pigs, and 2 shooting pigs, we're gonna be a good basketball team.
by cooldudeman July 02, 2014
1 part goldschlagger, 1 part Kahlua, 1 part Baileys, 1 part peppermint schnapps.

Pays tribute to a true Slampig. This drink tastes great when you're drunk, but you always regret it in the morning.
Me: I've had a rough week. This weekend, we should take some slampigs.

by Oscar Bones August 20, 2010
another name for a slut
check out those slam pigs
by buddhaflames September 27, 2009
Anyone (Female OR Male) that partakes in any intercourse with grimy, disgusting and busted individuals continuously.
Did that guy just have sex with that walrus? What a slam pig!
by Hmarc July 09, 2014
a common creature to longisland areas. you can normally see them in their natural habitat on the street corner or on their back under a "slammer" they are called slam pigs because they are dirty like a pig and anyone can slam them. but be weary because you may contract all sorts of stds.
I got herpes from that slam pig i banged last night
by anolog December 01, 2010
An easy lay. A girl who loves to fuck. A filthy dirty whore who cheats on all her boyfriends and gets pregnant by multiple fathers.
That Krystal Rousseau sure is a slampig. She'll be your sexy slut for $100.
by JFarrell April 23, 2011

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