Australian slang for a carton of 24 Beers.
On the way home from work i'm going to pick up a slab of XXXX and get pissed tonight,
Gundie has a slab of XXXX in the car,go and get it.
by GS71 April 06, 2015
fullsize customized car: rims, tint, screens, grill,or pop trunk
rollin on slabs
by Hoezbblockin June 27, 2004
Slow Loud and Bagin (i.e. S.L.A.B.) A southern term describing the cars of the urban seen. Candy paint, chrome rims, bagin systems.
Artist: Z-RO
Album: "Let The Truth Be Told"
Song: Mo City Don (Freestytle)
Lable: Rap-A-Lot Records

S.L.A.B. - Slow, loud, and bangin all in my trunk, trunk full of funk...

by ZyclonB December 14, 2005
Australian slang for 24 beers.
i'l just head down to the pub and pick up a slab then we can all get trashed.
by 1010011010 July 01, 2007
chopped up crack bagged up to sell in small baggies........price is $10 each slab of crack
This crack head just brought five slabs from me. (or) i just made eight slabs from one gram
by ALL4SALE January 22, 2007
Verb - to relegate something, usually a project or work in progress, that is yet to be produced, to nonexistence and/or cancellation. Often refers to a person or team abandoning a project or promise of delivering a certain product or work.

Synonyms: Cancel, call off, abort, disestablish, terminate

Antonyms: Start, establish, uphold, ratify, support
Example 1:

"Hey, did that new game come out yet?"
"Nah, I heard it was slabbed until further notice. Sorry, bro."

Example 2:

"Did you finish writing your memoir yet?"
"Nope, I slabbed it so I could write an erotic historical fiction novel instead."
by xXx[420]w33dL0RD(360N0FUR)xXx January 04, 2013
Terminology for a large penis or chubby piece of "cock meat"
Did you here? Jordan has massive slab.
by big daddy bastad February 23, 2010

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