Stupid Little Ass Bitch
This guy is such a dumbass.
I know man, such a slab
by swegoverload February 14, 2015
sloppy loud ass bitch
slab city population you. Quit slabbing up the world hoe!~
by fuckingslabtstic April 21, 2011
Cellphone, smartphone or other portable computer, particularly if telephony is only one of a number of functions, mostly internet-based.
"She took a seat, and immediately pulled her slab out of her purse and began texting someone."
by fluffernutters86 October 15, 2012
A case (24beers) of 16oz beer cans you buy at a beer store
What are you going to buy at the bait shop?
I'm gonna get a slab bro!
by steve's cheese November 12, 2009
A man's penis.
"Man, you know she want the slab."
by P-Jac December 05, 2008
a wave that comes in from normal depth and breaks on a shallow reef or sandbar or whatever; the dramatic change in depth causes the wave to warp and heave into a psycho monster that'll give you the barrel of your life.....if you make it...
a slab

man what a sick slab!

check out that slabby left!

I just got shacked on that warping slab!!
by steVenn February 09, 2008
A 24-pack of beer, in cans or bottles or varying sizes (throw-downs, stubbies, cannies, longies), also see carton.
"Wanna go halves in a slab o' New?"
"Fucken oath it's beer o'clock"
by HEMI April 28, 2003

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