In da states dis represents candy painted cars,on 84 rims, a chromed lady on da hood and the trunk open must likely a open top car
Cuz you aint riding slabs if they aint swangas in yo ride
by Willy DaDon May 01, 2008
A slab is a FUCKING HUGE American car from the late '60s-late '80s like a 66 Impala, 70 Cutlass, 77 Eldo, 82 Fleetwood, 88 Grand Marquis etc. Just a giant "slab" of metal on which you can floss your Vogues or Triple Gold Daytons. Probably the finest examples are late '70s Lacs.
If you believe in slabs, lets get it on (Big T, "Candy on Chrome")
by See Daytons, Vogues, etc. June 09, 2003
Stupid Little Ass Bitch
This guy is such a dumbass.
I know man, such a slab
by swegoverload February 14, 2015
sloppy loud ass bitch
slab city population you. Quit slabbing up the world hoe!~
by fuckingslabtstic April 21, 2011
A case (24beers) of 16oz beer cans you buy at a beer store
What are you going to buy at the bait shop?
I'm gonna get a slab bro!
by steve's cheese November 12, 2009
A 24-pack of beer, in cans or bottles or varying sizes (throw-downs, stubbies, cannies, longies), also see carton.
"Wanna go halves in a slab o' New?"
"Fucken oath it's beer o'clock"
by HEMI April 28, 2003
Cellphone, smartphone or other portable computer, particularly if telephony is only one of a number of functions, mostly internet-based.
"She took a seat, and immediately pulled her slab out of her purse and began texting someone."
by fluffernutters86 October 15, 2012

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