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Cockney slang for pocket.
Not when the price is 200 pound! And certainly not when you've got Liberia's defecit in your skyrocket!
by The Mars Volta January 02, 2004
sky rocket in England is for pocket.
I'm ganna put that in my sky rocket.
by Stuart Dobbing October 16, 2004
A Sky Rocket is the little burning pieces of weed that shoot through the stem of the bong just before it is completely cleared of all the weed.
1) Woah, look at that Sky Rocket fly through the stem! Nice!
2)Sky Rocket that bitch when you take a hit.
#weed #marijuana #bong #high #stoned
by HappyStoner October 12, 2010
An alcoholic beverage that contains Skyy Vodka, Rockstar Juiced, and Blue Kool-Aid. This combination ends up tasting like a Rocket Popsicle.
Pete: Hey Mike could you get me some Kool-Aid?

Me: How about a Sky Rocket instead?

Pete: Awesome sugesstion!
#vodka #popsicles #recipe #drink #heater #skyy #awesome #kool-aid #energy drink
by supersturi March 01, 2010
right when ur about to cum, pull out so it looks like a sky rocket in flight.
his sky rocket got all over the place.
#peep #balls #pun sauce #meow mix #my testicles are ichy
by mr. McBigBalls March 21, 2007
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