Tall, strong, loves sport, eats a lot. The normal for a guy of his size. Quite fast, very strong, big hearted, knows how to handle peoples feelings or at least gives it a go. Cares for his friends more than himself. Doesn't feel pain in his arms for some strange reason. Bit of a Sci-Fi nerd but great to have a chat to. Can always be trusted and can always find some upside to a bad situation. By the way, he loves food. Enough of that, I apologize, but he is the kinda guy you could be friends with and always know he is there to talk to. Dark-ish hair, blue eyes, wants to make his life something worth wile. Some say he falls easily, moves on quickly, pretty much that's the truth. I think he is searching for the right one. Big heart, Likes to write, always a fun time to hang out with.
Aw, just had a great time with Skyler.

Who is that over there?
Who the Big one?

Oh, the new guy, Skyler.
Wow, looks like he should be in the year above!
by rifleman099 November 30, 2011
Such an amazing girl, she's really nice, funny and random. She uses to be really cute and she's a really good cheerleader. She's a person who can make you laugh whenever you're down, she'd try her best to make you feel better and special. ((ily Skyler bby)).
"Wow Skyler is so sweet"
"Skyler is so nice!"
"Skyler is beautiful!"
by cutiescurls November 26, 2013
skyler is the best friend anyone could have. he's very trustworthy; you can tell him anything and know he won't tell anyone. he's usually a big sweet talker and gives the best hugs ever, and almost everyone loves him. skyler's are amazing in everyway possible
"hey look it's skyler"
"wow dude i love him he's amazing"
by agdxx September 28, 2011
The most giving and sweetest person you'll ever meet. She has a huge smile that can light up a room and tends to be goofy. Although she acts goofy she has a temper like a bomb that takes no time to explode. She's often really short, petite, thick and has a sexy body. She's a really athletic person mostly a fast runner. She often tends to go throught a lot of heart aches... Never a heart break because if she did she would never trust a soul. She does not stop talking at all and is extremely dramatic, that's why they make perfect actors. Usually is a daddy's girl and doesn't get along with her mom. They are usually bipolar and no one even knows it. They aren't cocky but overly confident and lastly they think they know everything.
Boy: yea man I'm crazy about this girl... Shes perfect

Friend: I never heard you say that before she's a skyler?

Boy: yea she's most definitely a skyler I think I love her
by xosmd__ January 05, 2015
magically invincible.

"bill nye, oprah, and dr. phil cannot defeat me! i am skyler, and i am magically invincible!"
by dr. oprah bill nye August 30, 2006
The creature skyler can also be referred to as skylo, skiller, jasiqua, muffin master, skyloni, cunt, and SKYL-EEHEHEHUR THUNDERHORSE OF CAFFINE. Has a septum peircing and is totally socially akward to all those who dont know it. Totally an attractive creature but dosent think so itself and is halarious and innocent. It can often be found in its four natural habitats: the internet, the kitchen, its bed, and concerts. It often makes a noise reffered to as "the giggle" a high piched HEHEHEHOHOHURHE HEHEHE that can only be acheived at the peak of its hapiness. Also makes unattractive orgasimy sounds when in distress or disgust. Squeals or looks like dosed on acid five times when excited. Has unnatturally red cheeks but have no fear this is just a trait of skyler not rosaisia and only makes its face cuter. Has tiny hands and wears hoodies and tight tight pants. It prefers to mate with british gingers who like pizza. Destined to have 47 cats one day. Skylers also tend to bootydance on stage at african american heritage festivals when their three even though their white and Korean. They also tend to hiss at people when mad or offended until they are ten, have no fear this is just a growing normal healthy skyler that will soon evolve to the socially akward band kid you want. Also hates the word booty. With a passion.
person 1:"skyler is a ladies man yall"

god: "ye"
by thebootyking November 27, 2013
A psychotic crazy insane girl who is over protective and will kill anyone who looks at her man. She is insecure about herself but always has to be right about everything.
You are such a skyler
by deere_runner May 22, 2015

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