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A toothless Ape/Monkey that has a life that revolves around a gangster wanna be boi whom they ware gay hats. When the Skyler species gets a girlfriend/boyfriend it refers to it as hot as salsa. His "Date" never wants to kiss this species because he only has 3 teeth at a minimum. It is very clumsy and wares big work boots. And the eyes of a skyler tend to look like they belong to a asian banana. He is normaly rejected when it comes to other human life. His species should belong in a hole. It eats worms and anything thats not dead. If you come across a Skyler be awhere that they like to feast on the fat and beautiful.
Ewww look at that Skyler!
by Chip Cham February 21, 2010
A lying, douchebag faggot who plays girls like I change my underwear. He thinks he's the shit...but he's not. And he thinks he's black...he's not. Oh and he also smokes and drinks like it makes him the coolest kid ever. If you ever meet a Skyler...don't talk to him. He'll just get you to like him then completely screw you over. Oh and he makes out with his "victims" in the hallway...no one wants to see that. So if your name is Skyler, go die. No one wants to put up with your shit.
"You have a thing with Skyler? So have 5832797594879 other girls."
by ssmd April 02, 2010
A punk ass bitch. A boy with no penis, but rather a patch of skin. Is obssesed with the action of dick sucking, and loves to get fingered by homeless man. Loves to party, and beat up drunk girls.
Kelly: How did you break your nose?
Monique: Skyler punched me in the face and hit me with a baseball bat when I was drunk.
by Goofgoofbars999 August 25, 2009
Biggest Loser ever!!! Loved by everyone. Smart helpful. My problem solver. SHORT!!! Asian nerd. ((haha skyler ily)) has a lot of friends. And is AWESOME. BUTTT sucks at relationships. Lol ((sorry but its true)) A BIG flirt.
Skyler: Hey
Andrew: 'Sup
Tammy: Hey!
Alex: Yo
by iDk?♥ August 31, 2008
a quer bag who sucks on big dick usualy white and short
by oriottpio rpoirjgps October 20, 2009