Saltyess person on the face of the PLANET EARTH. is mean to people and expects for people to be nice to him/her. never takes a second out of his/her time to calm down the saltiness.
man why is he being so SKYLER today
by CruddyBang June 29, 2014
Is commonly referred to as Skywhore, for his manwhore personality. Apparently, he is stupid, because of his loss of oxygen from running track. People beware: do not throw compliments out, such as "your cute", for it will go to his head. He likes to say mhhhm, ohh you know, and tu sabes. Is usually really tall and lanky, white and or mexican for some reason. Flirts a lot. Is constantly surrounded by girls, and has pansy issues. Falls for girls easily, with names in the B region. Also, dont talk to him on the phone, he will ditch you to have conversations with his grandma.
"TU SABES." -Skyler.
by tusabes November 21, 2010
A french term for girls with dark hair that are into vintage.
Those skylers in tampa are pretty neat.
by The June Bug April 15, 2007
A person who is most likely using their middle name to cover up what their real name is. Probably a way cool dude or a horrible person. Scene kid or Prep.
"Hey you know skyler right?"

"No who is that?"
"Um, you were talking to him like to seconds ago."
"oh you mean _________ (nick name or middle name)"
"Yeah sure."
by Dragon Slayer 224_8.195 November 22, 2009
The most ahh-MAZE-ing boyfriend in the world! Commonly uses phrases such as "super pwn hack slash" "elite" or "pro." Enjoys playing super asian (in a good way) computer games with amazing graphics. I would trust him with anything in the world.
I love Skyler like Woah!
by ahh-MAZE-ing Shannon February 22, 2008
A toothless Ape/Monkey that has a life that revolves around a gangster wanna be boi whom they ware gay hats. When the Skyler species gets a girlfriend/boyfriend it refers to it as hot as salsa. His "Date" never wants to kiss this species because he only has 3 teeth at a minimum. It is very clumsy and wares big work boots. And the eyes of a skyler tend to look like they belong to a asian banana. He is normaly rejected when it comes to other human life. His species should belong in a hole. It eats worms and anything thats not dead. If you come across a Skyler be awhere that they like to feast on the fat and beautiful.
Ewww look at that Skyler!
by Chip Cham February 21, 2010
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