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(adj.) To be naked, specifically during spiritual ritual (pagan/wiccan).

Some believe that clothing interferes with the natural energies of magick, and that it brings you closer to the Earth.

She sat there skyclad in sort of a trance, and didn't seem to notice us.

I want to dance skyclad under the
stars tonight.

We were fully skyclad and the moon was full, and we danced until dawn.
by Raccoon March 11, 2004
53 2
Goin nekid. Wearing nothing or only footwear while attending clothing optional festivals or campgrounds.
Rain or shine Im going skyclad the whole weekend.
by Orodar Woods April 21, 2007
10 4
Pagan rite where the participants are in the buff, or ritual nudity. As knowns as working sky-clad.
Many traditionally-minded Pagans claim that working sky-clad enables one to better raise and direct magickal energy.
by Nukemlee April 15, 2010
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