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Being naked for no other reason than wanting sex
When my husband came home from work, I was waiting on the couch for him nekid.
by I'm Just A Girl March 29, 2005
To not have somethin on you
Member 1: What nigga you aint got no heat on you?

You: Nah b im "nekid"
#naked #guns #heat #nigga #neckid
by Neckid August 31, 2008
meaning cool, awesome, hot, or crazzzzzy.
e1: Man That party was sooo nekid everyone was wild

e2: Man those kids over there are soo nekid i wish i was like them

e3: Wow that girl is wicked nekid i would do her
#cool #hot #awesome #crazy #bangable
by frank mcquade March 14, 2010
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