1. Usually noun or verb: An all encompassing term used in place of a swear word such as suck, fuck, and cock or any combination of the three, probably started as a Freudian slip.

2. Noun: Filth-, decay-, dirt-, or grime-like substance, probably stemming from the words scum or scuz and usually but not necessarily pertaining to sexual or reproductive organs. Possible origin includes high school kids in Eastern Newfoundland some time between 2002 and 2006.

3. Adjective: any sensation causing short term physical discomfort, malaise, or disarray.
1. "Skux you, bitch" or "Damn girl you are such a skux"

2. "There was a huge build up of skux on the prostitute's testicles."

3. "The next morning Mary was very hung over and felt very skuxxy."
by SnickersBars4YrButt January 02, 2008
Top Definition
1)A guy who has it well with the female gender
2) Has a mastery over a ablilty that is considered good.
3) Skuxness- A natural aura that only those who are well known to have
4) Can be used as a insult
5) A prettyboy who overdresses for the occasion.
6) Is a pro in the affairs of people.
1)You know, he was being a Skux to all the ladies.
2)...Is a Skux on the guitar.
3)Man when i'll be walking into a room the music will go quiet, and everybody will be feeling my skuxness.
4)(Embarrising Moment) Hey bro your a Skux.
5) We had our flad gears when this fella over here came all skux with his gears.
6)He's a Skux bro, he has all the hook-ups.

by Mega-Skux-SM June 29, 2003
1) A guy who is good with women.
2) A well-dressed guy.
3) To flirt.
1) He hooked up with her? What a skux!
2) He looks pretty skux today.
3) I saw him skuxing it up with that chick last night.
by PFM November 13, 2006
can depend, eg: definition in north island high schools is " a good looking or cool person esp male", where as in some remote places of the South Island of New Zealand it can mean "shit"
North island: " man Tama is so skux, i love his hair.. and stuff"
south island: "i took a skux on her lawn man hahahaha!"
by REVERENDJOY September 17, 2008
A word meaning 'playa' or 'ladies man' that originated out of Rongotai College, Wellington somewhere around 1999/2000. Word has it that All Black Ma'a Nonu was the ORIGINAL skux.
Friend: "U still rooting Sarah bro?"
Player: "Yeah bro, and her mate Jess as well"
Friend: "wattttttt a skux!"

Friend: "Who were all those girls I saw u with on Sat night?"
Ladies' Man: "Just some bitches I'm trying 2 get in to"
Friend: "Ohhhhhhh, skux"

Tookey: "There's Ma'a bro"
Paul: "Yeah bro he's a skux"
by baseballspliff October 28, 2010
A word used to describe someone who gets all the chicks (Often sarcasm). Overused as fuck, was cool in like 2005 now just annoying. A common reply is "nar you bro".
Example 1:
Kid 1: Man your a skux.

Kid 2: Nar you bro.

Example 2:
Kid 1: Oosh Beni you skux.

Kid 2: Fuck up.
by The god of Skux August 09, 2008
A guy who is the man with all the ladies, can also mean pretty boy. Or someone who always does themselver up in styly clothes and heaps of hair product.
"did you hear about mark last night with whats'her name?"
"yeah man that guys such a skux"
by skux-deluxe April 23, 2003
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