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a woman who is able to accomplish being both skanky and slutty at the same time. also see cum guzzleling gutter slut.
me: did you here, corinne has sex with both a donkey and a goat.
friend: what a skutter
by nooger December 18, 2004
Small robot or drone with limited intelligence and leaning capabilities.
by Anonymous May 19, 2003
To have the shits, the irish use this alot
I ate a dodgey curry last night and it gave me the skutters
by DONNA February 14, 2005
As above, but a note on the origen of the term. Skutter is like smog, two words being squashed together to synthesize their meanings. Where smog is smoky fog, a skutter is a skank from the gutter. A skutter is a dirty slut.
"bitch, get off me you filthy skutter!"
by z March 15, 2005
Liquid poo which passes through your anus at speeds in excess of 300m/h.
Can be used to paint rooms.
Its all fun and games till he pulls down his pants and sends a sea of skutter in your direction.
by Makbeth April 29, 2005