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Starts as a fart but ends up filling your pants with shite. Often takes a bubble form. A ball of liquid poo.
I was goin down on her an a masive diarrhoea bubble attacked me.
by Makbeth April 29, 2005
Liquid poo which passes through your anus at speeds in excess of 300m/h.
Can be used to paint rooms.
Its all fun and games till he pulls down his pants and sends a sea of skutter in your direction.
by Makbeth April 29, 2005
That which is left behind after a woman who has recently engaged in anal sex uses the bathroom. Otherwise known as bumcum. Often has traces of blood.
Check your bowl next time she powders her nose.
by Makbeth April 29, 2005
Feckin eejit that thinks that just because we let them vote they should get paid real wages. They should be kept bare foot and pregnant in the kitchen on a 12ft choke chain.
General uses include
1 source of food
2 source of babies
3 dick warmer
4 cleans things
How many men does it take to change a lightbulb?
NONE! Let the bitch cook in the dark!
by Makbeth April 29, 2005

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