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When a'caning a bitch, proceed 'accidentally' slip your shaft thusly into ones anus. A phallic shift.
"Maaannnnnn, last night was so fucking funny, taking Janice from behind... I JUST HAD TO SKREEP HER!"
"Did she twitch like a crackhead?"
"Most definitely"
by Young Sween January 25, 2009
1. verb: to creep up on someone with the intent to scare, subvert, or betray
2 noun: A foreign spy or agent, usually female
I just Skreeped up on her, she was so spooked.

I think that girl is a Skreep, she's giving me some really odd looks
by Pnammy Skibbles April 14, 2009
To get some sleep, to take a nap or to rest
Man, I gotta get to da crib to get some skreeps...
by skreeps October 29, 2009