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1. Noun: a person who behaves more drunk than he or she actually is, usually after having only one drink as an excuse to act up.

2. Noun: a drink made with equal parts orange juice, gin, vodka and white rum. Any clear alcohol can be added or substituted to "taste." Drinking a Skoozer often leads to behaving like a skoozer.
Behaving like a real jerk, Joe claimed to be drunk; we knew he was just being a skoozer.
by Jeff and John June 01, 2005
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Noun: an individual who acts more drunk than he or she actually is. Especially when using alcohol as an excuse to garner attention or act stupid.
Joe was being a real jerk after just one beer. He claimed to be real drunk but we knew he was being a skoozer.
by Jeff and John May 28, 2005
A turtle robber; one who steals turtles.
"where's your turtle dude?"

"some skoozer got it."
by King Dopeness November 05, 2009
Someone sickening, ugly, awful, annoying, or anything derogitory. Can be used in any situation. Variations: Skooze, Skoozey, Skooze Bag
That guy is such a skooze! Ugh! How could he date a skoozer like HER?!

Hey Skoozey, what's up?!

-Who is that?
-Oh... shes a skoozer. She dated 13 guys in the past month.
by acon1 December 21, 2008

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