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To blow a wad in somebody's face.
"See that girl sitting in the back row? I skoozed her last night."
by Random inedible retarded llama November 17, 2008
v. To blow a load (Ejaculate) in somone's face.
You see that bitch in the back row... I skoozed her last night!
by Sam Lee Respess November 10, 2008
To ejaculate in someone's face.
"You see that girl in the back row of the class? I skoozed her last night."
by the_mofajous November 10, 2008
a person who has the qualities of both a skank and a looser. They generally arent worth wasting the words to call them both names so its easier to call them a skooze or skoozer.
Get your skooze hands off my fries.

You need to brush your teeth or get that skooze breath the hell away from me.

That girl is such a skoozer. I hear she did it in the back of a garbage truck with the trashman.
by JSpyder March 10, 2007