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a lovely rock and roll quartet from binghamton, the southern tier of someone's ass crack
skooma is perhaps the best band without a singer in the history of bands without singers
by binghamton's finest July 21, 2008
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1) A slang term for Marijuana.

2) From the game Morrowind: This particularly hazardous derivative of moon-sugar is often smoked in raw form through a water-pipe by less fortunate khajiit; its victims are addicted for life and are in constant alternating states of euphoria and lethargy.
"Whoa, that's some chronic skooma you got there!"
by Zevirov April 23, 2004
skooma is a drug in the game morrowind derived from moon sugar. all users are addicted and are just like smack addicts. skooma is the morrowind equivalent of heroin.
morrowind speak: you filthy n'wah skooma khajit
earth speak: you fuckin smack rat
by chris_searle January 05, 2008
1.) (Noun) Refined Moon-Sugar taken from the Elder Scrolls universe. Shown in Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and referenced again in Elder Scrolls 4.

2.) A very beautiful above average looking girl/woman. Typically with a nice ass and wearing tight clothing.
1.) "You wouldn't happen to have any Skooma?"

2.) Guy 01: "Wow now that was Skooma!"
Guy 02: "Yeah that's some REFINED Moon-Sugar!"
by Brisky86 July 11, 2008

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