Top Definition
1. When a dog drags it's butt on the floor in attempt to itch it.

2. A small, cute baby.
1. Hey Jay, you gotta get your dog outta my house, it's skoodling all over my house!

2. Aww, I love my skoodle.
by Joely08 January 20, 2009
a word that has no definition and can be used as anything
Skoodle to you!

how skoodle of you

if you skoodle one more time
by kramer17 June 21, 2009
(v) The act of kissing another with vacuum suction; to inhale the fuck out of another's tonsils
"I didn't just kiss her, I skoodled the fuck out of her face."
by MichyGeary July 25, 2008

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