a combination of the words stinky and coochie; a dirty pussy
Yo i was with this girl last night and she had skoochie i could smell that shit through a hundred goombaz.
by Neptune Sk8 June 02, 2009
Top Definition
a girl who acts like a skank, a hoe, and a hoochie.

skank hoe hoochie] skallywag
Damn, this club is full of scandalous schoochies!
by Rocky Mavia January 11, 2005
1.a girl or woman who is trampish, hoochie, skankish, or a groupie...most commonly used when referring to younger girls but not limted to.

2.can also be used when referring to something that you dont like.
1. i was talking to my friend josh, who plays varsity basketball for our school, yesterday outside of math class when three little freshman skoochie's came up asking for basketball lessons.

2. eww dont buy those shoes they look skoochie on you
by BIG bD May 04, 2007

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