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When you sees a girl and can't quite get a good look at her face, yell out this hoe call
i thought i saw this fly hoe the other day, but after i gave her a skoo call i saw that bitch was nasty.

Skoo girl!
by Rnasty October 26, 2007
"Skoo" is to be said when one is in the ghetto and wants crack. If you want crack only a little bit, you say quietly, "skooooo..." But if you want a lot of crack, you yell "SKOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! "
by smdx March 15, 2008
1.n. - A collection and coagulation of various styles and thoughts within one field or domain of culture.
2.n. - The building or situation in which one party learns various new ideas as set by another party, somewhat signaling a degree of servitude
3.v. - The act of teaching or humbling an outside party in areas in which the first party claims to exceed successfully.
4.n. - The state of all parties being in equilibrium with the suggested environment. Frequent pronounciation of the phrase "It is cool."
1. I hate this nu-skoo junk. I like the old skoo junk from back in da day.
2. Wat I need skoo fo? it aint no future fo me.
3. Imma hafta skoo you.
4. My bad. {response}: 'skoo
by arslaan March 09, 2005
the co writer to the wickedly funny weebl and bob series,lover of pie

the best damn co writer in the whole entire world
skoo is the best co writer in the universe
by charli March 26, 2004
A code name for any hot teen or MILF used within the vicinity of your cohorts to alert them of their approach. To be said while in proximity of the hot teen or MILF. To be screamed loudly or spoken softly.
Oh fuck, check em' out. SKOO!
by Phu Pham July 13, 2006
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