Skommel 'verb' (pronounced Skoh-mil)

Originally used in the Dutch language to describe a shaking or rocking motion, the term skommel is commonly used as a slang term in South African Afrikaans to describe masturbation in a rudimentary manner.

It is a term used so frequently that it has nearly completely ousted the literal meaning of the original Dutch word from everyday language.
Joe: Tony, why do you always run away from your dog once you've finished washing him?

Tony: All that dog needs is a little bit of lube and he'll start to skommel.
by FilthyHandsFloyd January 17, 2009
Top Definition
to masturbate. Origin - South African Afrikaans word meaning 'shake' as in 'melk skommel' = milk shake or 'shuffle' as in shuffling a deck of cards.
I went to my room for a quick skommel.
by DeanH January 05, 2008
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