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A sketchy, skid-bomb of an individual who is generally ugly, unclean and lacks intelligence. Easily identified as they usually wear the 2$ lead chain necklaces that can be purchased at hockey arenas.
Look at that dirty kid with the goatee wearing a slipknot t-shirt and Xtreme jeans smoking a Sago, what a ratty-ass skoid.
by ceedee12 April 05, 2011
13 0
too skinny. extremely thin. skeletal in appearance. bony. emaciated. anorexic looking. flat chested.
The skoid girl was trying so hard to be thin that she was not attractive because she lost her feminine curves.
by frosthazard August 01, 2010
4 3
skid with an o before the i, can be done with any word to create an air of sketchiness
that guy is skoidly to the maximum, what a rat stallion
by jamesbarry007 July 21, 2008
6 5