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A person who is too proud of being skinny.
I gotta admit, I can be a skleet sometimes.

Jen: hey guys! How's work out going?
Girls: it's ok
After Jen leaves.

Girls: everyone knows she's skinny. She doesn't have to be a skleet about it.
by pythonparanoia November 15, 2013
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1.) when God decides you suck and skeets on you, this of course coming down in precipitation, such as sleet. hence the name: skleet
tommy and kyle must have pissed off god the night before because during their golf match God skleeted all over the raiders
by kbreez April 25, 2007
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Skleet has 2 meanings. 1; The act of passing a fecus. 2; The act of skeeting in an extremely cold place, i.e. , Alaska- thus creating 'sleet' like skeet, creating skleet. Also a verb.
1;Dude, I was banging this cashier in a meat freezer, and I skleeted all over her face! 2; I sat down on the toilet and skleeted, toally unexpected! Man that was the bloodiest fecus ever!
by Grady123 February 02, 2008
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