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2 definitions by Grady123

After two gay men have sex, sometimes one is impregnated through the anus. The name for a fetus passed through the anus is fecus. It's usually dead, but on a rare occasion, a live fecus may be born. A.K.A. Anal miscarraige.

Also see skleet, the verb of passing a fecus.
Dude, I was taking a shit, and bam! There was this bloody fecus in the toilet!
by Grady123 February 02, 2008
Skleet has 2 meanings. 1; The act of passing a fecus. 2; The act of skeeting in an extremely cold place, i.e. , Alaska- thus creating 'sleet' like skeet, creating skleet. Also a verb.
1;Dude, I was banging this cashier in a meat freezer, and I skleeted all over her face! 2; I sat down on the toilet and skleeted, toally unexpected! Man that was the bloodiest fecus ever!
by Grady123 February 02, 2008