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When your mind just goes all over the place; thinking, but not responding. Keeping thoughts all to yourself, pressure building up inside, thus, feeling as if everything is just skipping and running around inside your brain. On the verge of breakdown from overload.
1. Joanne is such a skitz. The drug chase has got her actin like a fiend.

2. I feel so skitzy lately. I don't know where the hell these thoughts are coming from and they're moving too fast I can't understand!
by jenny May 18, 2004
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Incredibly sexy boyfriend. Amazing, crazy and awesome. Couldn't ask for anoyone better.
i love my skitzy
by skitzys gf May 15, 2009
When your girlfriend has been spending quality time with you, she may enter a state of euphoria,contentment and clumsiness only previously witnessed in Kuala bears. The vagaries of such a frame of mind include the following:

Scenario 1)
Farting whilst engaged in public speaking, only to find it highly amusing.

Response: "She awl skitzy and shit"

Scenario 2)
The occasional fanny fart when bed surfing, only to find it highly amusing.

Response: "Boo you got skitzy"

Scenario 3)
Talking utter bollocks that only she understands, only to find it highly amusing.

Response: "Babe you switched on awl skitzy again, flick it off and make sense god dam it"

Scenario 4)
Attempting to flick a ciggarette out of a packet in a pre-smoke manouvre that others close by would find immpressive, but instead flicking too hard, and as a result firing that stacked 20 deck across the room taking out your boyfriends nose, only to find it highly amusing.

Response: "you broke broke my nose you skitzy bitch!"

by Urban lover April 28, 2009

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