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A nickname for someone who resembles the pink cat-like pokemon.
sister: (watching pokemon) hey thats a new pokemon!
brother: yeah its name is skitty.
sister: aww, its so cute!
brother: whatever.
sister: hey you kinda look like it! I shall call you skitty from now on!
brother: (sarcastically) greeeat!
by Mocha_J August 19, 2006
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noun, a mix of skanky and kitty. one who has a real attitude or is acting like a brat. can also imply that they were acting like a slut.

sometimes used as a verb, "to skit".
"Dana, stop being such a skitty to your sister!"


"Annie was skitting it up last night at the club with that guy."
by b3@rrrr. April 08, 2010
Not beging able to stop farting
Tanya: "Stop farting you Mom!"
David: "I can't cause i have the skitties"
Kristine: "Ewww!!"
by Mother Moom June 24, 2008
badly dressed and badly worn; ragged clothes.
John says " Yo this dude look like he got his clothes from the salvation army"

Jane "Yeah he looks mad skitty"
by Ebaby123 October 04, 2009
the nickname to the nicest, sweetest and best looking boyfriend around!
by punki_si May 09, 2003

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