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To get knocked over, cleaned up, wiped out or otherwise slammed off your feet.
Did you see that guy get skittled by a bus on that internet clip?
by Ray Babycakes July 30, 2006
When a group of people drive over someone's yard often with a golf cart and put skittles every where! Kinda like toilet papering except more tasty
Dude I skittled logans yard last night
by Alphakenny1-say it fast September 26, 2011
After a blunt with friends the buzz you get is beyond baked,stoned or high.You will know when this occurs because you will loose all ability to function
"Yo that blunt skittled me"
by dale and sol January 18, 2009
Adding different colored/flavored Skittles candy to vodka and proceeding to drink the concoction to catch a buzz.
We went back to the hotel room, grabbed our drinks and got Skittled all night long.
by revo2831 July 16, 2012
To throw skittles viciously at a persons face...
You've been skittled!
by TEN102 October 07, 2010
When a car gets shot up with a full automatic weapon it sounds like its being hit with many bags of skittles.
"Yo son i seen the whole shit, the {nigga} whip got {skittled} up"

"Dont make me come through and {skittle} ya truck"
by moshigh June 24, 2013
To be a child walking home from the store and get gunned down by an adult in Florida.
Did you hear what happened to Trayvon? He got skittled by a man named Zimmerman.
by Wytldy July 20, 2013

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