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A male who feels compelled to pursue and/or ogle all females.
Sarah couldn't seem to escape Kenny's gaze, and she thought of him as a skirt chaser.
by Skylark January 26, 2004
a man who goes around to girls, telling them how much he loves them, and then "falls in love" with another in a short period of time. the pattern repeats, and this type of man cannot stay in a relationship for a long time.
dan is such a skirt chaser. right after he broke up with me, he was telling allie how much he loves her.
by godieokaybye August 18, 2007
1. A man who finds himself attracted to any member of the human race with two boobs and a happy fun spot. Often spends a majority of his pointless and lonely life chasing after such a member of the human race completely ignorant to the fact that they have no interest in him and would wish for him to rot in a ditch somewhere with a clown jumping up and down on his deflated testicles.

2. Harsh Reality
"If I were to kick him in the crotch too hard, I might accidentally give him brain damage and kill him. AND THEN WHO WOULD BE THE BAD PERSON THING!?"
by Ryunnie July 31, 2003
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