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9 definitions by Selice

Used to describe someone you find very attractive and fuckable
Damn, he/she is yiffable!
by Selice August 29, 2006
According to a Bosnian friend I had in the past, it means baby butt.
Damn, I'd hit that Guza ;)
by Selice August 29, 2006
Someone who chases after sexy goth girls. Originated from Diana.
You Vampire skirt chaser! I know you're going out there trying to get in her pants!!! Why haven't you called me???
by Selice August 29, 2006
A sence of being sort of happy, but not quite. Originated from my friend Amanda, or Amandaish as I like to call her.
Amandaish and Geraldish are trying to be happyish!
by Selice August 29, 2006
A record store in Roseville, Michigan that is a popular spot to find juggalos. Seeing they carry a lot of their CDs, Shirts, accessories and such. They also carry used gaming systems.
Selice: Yesterday I got Shaggy's New CD, FTFO!
Logeth: Where'd you get it??
Selice: Hot Hits of course!
by Selice August 29, 2006
A pointless argument between two record labels.
Pete: OMFG, I hate Eminem
Jenny: WHY???
Pete: Because everyone from psychopathic records hates him, because he's a little bitch!
Jenny: have you ever heard his music?
Pete: No!
Jenny: You people and your damn label wars...
by Selice August 29, 2006
Someone who you hate that you wish would just get herpes and die...
Ugh... my next door neighbor cops on me again for having my music too loud... that fucking herpes monkey...
by Selice August 29, 2006