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a show which peaked in quality several months before it was ever shown on television. Since then it has undergone a gradual decline in quality.
Person A: What are you watching?
Person B: Skins.
Person A *turns off TV*
Person B: Wow! I can suddenly see the infinite number of better things I could be doing!
by plateofchicken April 01, 2011
1 10
Slang used in the south to refer to pork rinds.
Deek: Yo, I'm finna make a block and pick up some skins.

Dre: Bet, get me some wit BBQ and hot sauce.
by me I am April 16, 2009
7 18
A new J Rock band recently formed in California of ex X Japan leader, Yoshiki, Gackt, Miyavi, and SUGIZO.
S.K.I.N? Oh yeah, the ego war between Yoshiki, God of Drums, Gackt, the Magnum man with tight pants, Miyavi the eternally ADD rockstar, and some other dude named Sugizo no one knows about . . . . . .
by Azahara August 26, 2007
4 15
A term used to refer to the football the Redskins
Joe Gibbs was suposed to bring the skins back to glory but he fails for the third year in a row
by doug e fresh123 December 19, 2006
15 26
A slang term for a naked person, usually used in sexual innuendos.
When you gonna give me them skins?
by XHolyPuffX September 13, 2010
3 15
a mind-numbing embarrassment in television production which over-dramatizes reality into something that only the shallowest of people would enjoy...

and yet you can't take your eyes off of it...
Person 1: what are you watching?

Person 2: Skins.

Person 1: Wow douche bag

Person 2: You're watching it too.

Person 1: Got any weed?
by don't denythatREALITYBITESHARD February 01, 2011
7 20
Tires, especially for motorcycles.
Bought some racing skins for my scoot, but I hit an oil patch and high-sided.
by scritch September 09, 2009
4 17