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The wrong way to spell "skittish," which means "easily frightened."
It will be hard to catch my cat because she is a bit "skiddish." How do you spell that? "S-K-I-T-T-I-S-H"
by bighooters December 24, 2009
Untrusting, nervous, unpredictable
The dog would not let me pet him. He was very skiddish. He looked like he might bite, but he ran away instead.
by ambassador1 September 04, 2006
Restless, unsettled or hyper
The dog was acting skiddish.
by Schwiggity Schwag July 07, 2005
slight skid mark
My underwear is only slightly skiddish.
by Squidmark October 09, 2013
One who does some ones dope all nite then leave. With out even so much as a good by.
She was skiddish about having (sex) again. But still willing to do his dope all nite long. And then leaving with out even so much as a good buye.
by Skiddishest April 11, 2009
A quality of person, which could be described as mischievous, dirty, diseased, and often intoxicated. Often used to describe a person who does not care for personal appearance. Also a quality of any thing which holds these qualities.
Have you seen Fraser's house? They have garbage all over the floors, and food rotting all over the kitchen. The place is so skiddish!
by ledballoon December 06, 2008
When you're wondering if your underaged girlfriend's parents are home.
The perve was skiddish untill he saw her mom's car pull out of the driveway.
by kash March 08, 2005

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