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an elongated stain in the rear of one's underwear caused by one of the following: 1)rubbing of the underwear on an insufficiently wiped anus after excrementing 2)expelling juicy farts (butt cheese) into the underwear over an extended period.
"I think my underwear has a skid mark from farting all day"
by Uncle Stinky May 07, 2004
A line of fecal matter in your underwear that varies in thickness from thin to meaty. Usually a result of poor asswiping skills.
"Hey Greg! Check out these skid marks on grandma's panties!"
by Tizzle Foshizzle ©2002 February 25, 2004
1) Rubber that has been scorched into the road due to the heat caused by friction from someone's tyres when either they brake too hard or have accelerated too quickly from a stopping position and caused a 'burnout.'
2) Stains left on underwear due to poor anal hygiene which indeed resemble the tyre-marks scorched into the road.
1) "Whoa dude, look at that skidmark in the road! Someone must've had to brake to avoid that ominous pool of blood next to that body there."
2) MOTHER: "David, if I find another skidmark in your underpants when I come to wash them, I'm gonna come up there and wash your arse myself you little shit!"
by Stuart Fletcher January 11, 2005
1. burned rubber marks left by tires peeling out

2. the thin brown line in your undies, especially tightie-whities, caused by insufficient wiping
Your skid marks and itchy butt don't just happen kids. You need to wipe better. Don't wipe your heiny with your underpants!
by Mandingoh November 29, 2004
(N.) 1. A thin smearing of shit in your underwear or the stain left from the thin smearing of shit in your underwear usually caused by excessive farting, an improperly wiped ass, or a wedgie in a dirty ass. 2. A term used to describe someone acting like an asshole.
1. Eddie Cruz has skidmarks in his chonies! (undies.) Gross!
2. Quit acting like a total skidmark, fag!
by Mony Love July 15, 2003
A fecal stain that is visible on one's undergarments.

Also presents in a less structural (and lesser known) form, typically developed from excessive "dry farting". In this form, the skidmark develops in a larger region, yet its definition is not as clear. Essentially, it is representative of a consistent gaseous pounding of one's underpants over a long period of time, and while fairly rare, is unmistakable. Usually, this effect is understandable to about 1/10th of all humans.
I just ran a red light and blasted a massive skid mark all over my BVD's.
by A. Boyd January 12, 2007
TV ad that stays onscreen during the entire program.
TV advertisers started with logo bugs, moved on to pharts and then graduated to skidmarks. Next, they'll move the program down to one corner of the screen and run continual ads over the remaining 90%.
by Armand Dillo December 09, 2012
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