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a person of the female persuasion who one would consider approaching in hopes of relations due to the subjects extreme curb appeal.
wow, did you see that skibber at the pool?
by dphavoc August 23, 2008
Dicksucker. Thinks he's John Mayer, eats more kimchi than Korea as a whole.
Sucks his own balls for entertainment while losing in halo.
by Anonymous May 01, 2003
This word began in Loves Park IL. It is a diss, typically combined of the words dork and bitch it is a very good word and can be used in many situations!!
"Check it, that skibber rolln in her thinkn shes so cool, stick ur goddamn nose back in a book"

"What a skibber!! She just STOLE my boyfriend!!"
by KC August 02, 2004
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